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Orphelie Toussaint

Highly recommend Financial Accounting (FA) class with Mr Khizar Ashfaq! His class was very interactive and his explanations were always clear.
Mr Khizar has been very supportive. He provided extra practice questions and was available every time I had queries.

Melissa MJ Kennedy

I made the best investment in the AA Crash Course at Hamzah Academy. The lectures were exam focused on lots of question practice which in turn boosted my confidence and gived me the effective exam technique to ace my paper on exam day which resulted in me passing my paper. I highly recommend Hamzah Academy.

Vaishnavi Jalloo

Would highly recommend Mr Hamzah for AAA course. Cleared my AAA exam with 59 marks at first attempt itself.
Exam focused and exam techniques were provided as well as many exam practice questions were covered. His classes are highly interactive and individual attention is provided to his students.
Thanks again to Mr Hamzah for his continuous support and guidance 😊

Chiméa Rose

I took the crash course for AFM and it was really helpful in helping me complete my last ACCA paper. I highly recommend it.

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